Over population – Menace in Pakistan!

It is important to understand what the term “over population” means in order to see its impacts and evaluate them. Aik Bacha Campaign aims to educate the masses in Pakistan about the menace of over population before it becomes rampant and very serious issues.

It is also referred as Population Explosion referring to the idea of more humans and fewer resources.

Pakistan has a growth rate of population at 2.1% and is the 6th most populous country.

The impacts of this issue are grave since economically Pakistan is a developing country and not all its citizens enjoy and good standard of living, basic education and health facilities.

It results in to Low  per capita income as the national income is divided on to a large number of people. Poverty is a huge issue attached to growing population. The market does not have job opportunities for most of the citizens therefore despite being degree holders, many people sit home unemployed. But unemployment gets worse for the poorer classes. There is also Reduction of wage rate since a lot of man power is available and low wages can be set to give them.

Pollution and environmental degradation is also a result of over population.

images (1)

The Balance of payment is also disturbed when a country needs to import goods in order to meet the needs of its citizens.

Backward social infrastructure, low standard of living are other curses that come along with Overpopulation.

This is an alarming and emerging issue of Pakistan since educational and health standards are falling down due to the uncontrollable size of Pakistani’s. Man count ( Mardum Shumari) has begun this year and the statistics are expected to be very high than the last record of people living in Pakistan.

To educate the masses about family planning and the need to have fewer children in one household is very crucial now.


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